Although this instruction is based on the Panduit Part No. MP588-C connector, the basic technique will work with most connectors. Important-Read through all steps of the instructions thoroughly before you begin.

1.  Remove approximately 35mm (1.38") of the cable jacket.

2.  Cut out the center monofilament and four tubes between conductors up to the point where the cable jacket was removed. Be careful not to kink or untwist the conductor pairs or performance can suffer dramatically.

3.  Important : Maintain the original pitch of each twisted pair as much as possible all the way up to the connector to minimize any deterioration of high frequency characteristics for the cable assembly. The first 10mm (0.39") of each of the four twisted pairs must be protected by 10mm long heat shrink tubes (nominal diameter: 1.5mm / 0.059") so that original pitch of each twisted pair is maintained. Carefully slide the tubes over each pair up to the overall cable jacket, and apply heat. Slide a medium size inside adhesive heat shrink tube (length: 45mm / 1.77", nominal diameter: 9.5mm / 3/8") past the conductors and over the cable outer jacket. This will be used later in step 5 so do not apply heat to it yet.

4.  Untwist the pairs beyond their individual shrink wraps on the connector side and straighten the individual conductors. Line up the conductors in order: White-Green-Blue-Yellow-Orange-Grey-Clear-Brown for a straight connection. (In case of cross-connection, refer to cross connection instructions.) Then, clip the tip of the flat eight conductors together as shown so that the prepared color order won't accidentally move.

5.  Stabilize the end of the cable jacket and inside core conductors (four twisted pairs) with the adhesive heat shrink tube pre installed in step 3. Align this adhesive heat shrink tube about 5 mm (0.20") past the end of the heat shrinks now covering the individual pairs. Then apply heat to shrink and affix it firmly. Caution - Do not shrink too much on the conductor side during this process. Otherwise, the conductor pairs will be rounded, and it becomes hard to insert them into the RJ-45 connector. The goal is for all 4 pairs to be aligned in a flat row.

6. & Insert the flattened conductors individually into the Panduit WPT-8 Wire Prep Tool in the proper White-Green-Blue-Yellow-Orange-Grey-Clear-Brown sequence as described in step 4. Pull the conductors through until the tip of the shrink tube is at the conductor retention slot. Then, trim all 8 conductors flush using a wire cutting tool, leaving 1mm (0.039") beyond the end of the conductor retention slot. Check before you cut-11mm (0.433") long flat conductors assure enough length to properly terminate to the RJ-45 connector.

7.  Slide two larger adhesive heat shrink tubes (length: 30mm / 1.18", nominal diameter: 12.7mm / 1/2") over the cable jacket so that braided sleeving can be attached during the final step. Do not apply heat to them yet!

8.  Place all conductors in the connector guide grooves, number 1-8 left to right with latch down as shown. Apply slight downward pressure as you insert the conductors until they are fully extended and under the plug contacts.

9.  Place the plug in the die until it clicks, holding the cable and connector with your fingers. Maintain pressure by pushing cable into plug. Complete termination by closing the die set fully and releasing.

10.  Place one side of the braided sleeving over the cable from the connector side. Insert it inside of one of the two large heat shrink tubes up to the middle of the heat shrink tube. Then, slowly pull the braided sleeving together with the heat shrink tube, keeping the end of braided sleeving in the middle of the large adhesive tube, toward the connector. Stop pulling when you feel the end of the braided sleeving is almost to the edge of the inside shrink tube. Fix inside adhesive heat shrink tube firmly with the heat gun so that cable jacket and braided sleeving are held together firmly. Recommended braided sleeving size: Length: 180mm (7"), Width in flat: 22mm (0.87") Width minimum: 12mm (0.47") Width maximum: 33mm (1.30")

11.  Finally, pull the loose end of the braided sleeving back over the cable, then insert it inside of the remaining large heat shrink tube. Align it to the middle of the tube as in step 10. Then, slowly slide the braided sleeving together with heat shrink tube, keeping end of braided sleeving in the middle of heat shrink tube, toward the connector. As before, stop pulling when you feel the end of braided sleeving is about to the edge of shrink wrap applied in step 10. Fix the adhesive tube firmly with the heat gun so that cable jacket and braided sleeving are firmly attached.

You are done!


Recommended heat gun - Make sure to use a small diameter tip to make it easy to shrink the tube without melting the braided protective sleeving.