Capacitance calculation

1. pair

conductor radius (a mm)
insulation radius (b mm)
conductor spacing (d mm)
relative dielectric constant of insulation (1.0 for air)
inner radius of the shield (a0 mm)
If you wish to calculate shieldless construction, set the shield radius to 0 or large enough to conductor spacing.

2. coaxial cable

inner conductor radius (a mm)
outer conductor radius (b mm)
relative dielectric constant of the insulation (1.0 for air)

Input necessary parameters at any one of constructions then press 'compute' button.

This program computes capacitances analytically for most common construction. For more general case, we must use numerical methods.

The inductance at high frequency for high conductivity conductor can be calculated by the following method.

  L = e/C/c^2

	L = (DC) inductance (H/m)
	e = effective relative dielectric constant
	C = capacitance (F/m)
	c = the velocity of light in vacuum (2.998e8 m/s)