Freauency response calculation of microphone cables
Length of cable (m)
Output impedance of microphone (Ohm)
Input impedance of amplifier (Ohm)
Name of cable
If desired cable is not found in this list, you can specify capacitance and resistance of your own cable by selecting cable name as "-".

Bellow 2 parameters are only used when the selected cable name is "-".
Resistance of cable (Ohm/m - loop)
Capacitance of cable (pF/m)

At lower (audio) frequency, lower output impedance of generator and higher input impedance of receiver is prefferable.

This program calculates by following circuit model to get insetion loss.

  |        |       |     |
  G       C/2     C/2    Rr
  |        |       |     |
       <---  cable --->

  G = microphone,  Rs = output impedance of microphone (Ohm)
  R = resistance of cable (Ohm), C = capacitance of cable (F)
  Rr = input impedance of amplifier (Ohm)