Wire gauge, tensil-strebgth, DC-registance calculation
size (input size value)
unit (select AWG, mil, mm, CM or sq-mm)
construction (select solid or stranded)

Inpu size value and sect unit and construction, then press "compute" to get converted values. For large size over 0 AWG, use 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 .. etc.

Ordinary, next two gauging systems are used with electrical wire and cables.

AWG (American Wire Gauge)

It is known as BS (Brown & Sharp wire gauge). The AWG guging system is defined as geometrical progression because of drawing machanism nature. The 36 AWG is defined as 5 mil diameter, and the 4/0 AWG is defined as 460 mil diameter. (See ASTM B 258)


represents diameter of solid wire in mil (1/1000 inch) or cross-sectional area in circular mil.

millimeter wire gaging system

represents diameter of solid wire in mm or cross-sectional area of stranded wire in mm^2 (square mm).

Most of conductors is composed with copper. Most impotant parameter of conductors are cross section which determins DC-resistance and most of current capacity.