How to solve your mail problem to contact us

The business e-mail account of MIT Inc. was closed on 2020.06.30.

Our mail server does not accept connection to following hosts for protect our services from excessive SPMAs and Phishing mails.

  1. The IP address is not verified by DNS lookup.
  2. The FQN (fully-qualified domain name) is not verified by Reverse DNS lookup.
  3. The From: line FQN is not match with the Reverse DNS FQN.
  4. Our mail server received too many SPAMs or Phishing mails.
  5. Unofficial mail server of organizations or providers which seems to be a Bot lived in Windows machine.

If you have some error mail from our mail server ( or, please verify following situations.

  1. The FQDN of your mail server can be verified by Reverse DNS lookup.
  2. Your mail server is the official maile server of your organization or your internet provider. (The error mail did not send directly by your personal host connected to dial-up lines of your internet proveider.)

If you are not familiar with network engineering, please consult to network administrator of your domain (provider).

And if your provider can not solve this problem, please send us all part of the error mail (including header part) by FAX.