1. Having placed ferrule over the cable jacket first, remove outer jacket, shield conductor and dielectric as shown in figure 1. (For respective dimensions, refer to the dimension table above.) Straighten the served (spiral) shield conductor horizontally alongside the cable, and twist center conductor firmly toward originally stranded direction.

  2. Insert cable's center conductor into the center contact pin, and put it on specified opening of the crimp tool dies. Butting it to the crimp dies softly not to be any gap between cable dielectric, uneven part of the center contact pin and the crimp dies surface, crimp it as shown in figure 2.

  3. Insert the cable into the main body up to the position where the center contact pin can be fixed. At the same time, the cable shield shall be placed uniformly over the crimped part of the main body as shown in figure 3. Then, pull the cable and the main body a little (within 1.5 Kgf power) to make it sure if the cable (center contact pin) is firmly fixed with the main body.

  4. Slide the ferrule over the shield conductor onto the crimp part of the main body and stick the end of the ferrule to the bottom of the main body as shown in figure 4. Then, put it on specified opening of the crimp tool dies, sticking the bottom surface of the main body to the dies surface as shown in figure 4, and crimp it.

  5. Finish.